Prenatal Doula

Individual, focussed preparation for your birth, tailored to your personal situation, needs and preferences. I offer prenatal doula services in the comfort of your own home. I can also attend medical appointments with you if you wish, helping you navigate the system, absorb the information you are given, explore your options and give you the confidence to make your own informed decisions.


Group classes can be fun but they’re not for everyone. In the privacy of your own home we can discuss topics that are of particular relevance to your own journey. 

Topics include; the birth process; birth place; all available forms of pain management – their pros and cons; what to expect in the early days of parenthood and practicalities such as nappy changing, bathing and feeding.

I hope that you will feel relaxed enough to ask me any questions and by the end of our sessions my aim is that you are confident in your own ability and choices and ready for the next step in your journey to parenthood. 

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